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Version: 1.0


Technical questions

I am a developer who builds on Neutron. How can I get in touch with the dev team?

There is two places to check out:

Where is block explorer?

We encourage everyone to use the Mintscan explorer:

We also recommend to use this awesome smart contracts explorer by Celatone: it provides a great UI to upload, query and execute contracts.

Where can I get the public REST and RPC nodes?

You can check out the Cosmos Chain Registry:

We are always keeping our REST and RPC nodes running and available for everyone to use; if you experience any problems with the public nodes, feel free to report to the Neutron Technical Support group (see above).

What CosmWasm version is used?

We are using a patched 0.31.1 version of wasmd.

Where is testnet faucet?

You can request from Testnet(pion-1) Faucet on the #testnet-faucet channel on Neutron’s Discord server with the following command:


Where <NEUTRON-ADDRESS> is a neutron1****** generated address.

Also you can use Telegram Faucet with the following command: