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Technical questions

I am a developer who builds on Neutron. How can I get in touch with the dev team?

There are two places to check out:

Where is the block explorer?

We encourage everyone to use the Mintscan explorer:

We also recommend to use this awesome smart contracts explorer by Celatone: it provides a great UI to upload, query and execute contracts.

Where to download latest snapshots?

If you want to spin up your own archive node, you can use our snapshot service, which allows you to do so without the requirement to sync from the very beginning.

Where can I get the public REST and RPC nodes?

You can check out the Cosmos Chain Registry:

We are always keeping our REST and RPC nodes running and available for everyone to use; if you experience any problems with the public nodes, feel free to report to the Neutron Technical Support group (see above).

What CosmWasm version is used?

We are using a patched 0.31.1 version of wasmd.

Where is the testnet faucet?

You can request from Testnet(pion-1) Faucet on the #testnet-faucet channel on Neutron’s Discord server with the following command:


Where <NEUTRON-ADDRESS> is a neutron1****** generated address.

Also you can use Telegram Faucet with the following command: