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Version: 3.0


🌐 The Block SDK is a toolkit for building customized blocks. The Block SDK is a set of Cosmos SDK and ABCI++ primitives that allows chains to fully customize blocks to specific use cases. It turns your chain's blocks into a highway consisting of individual lanes with their own special functionality.

Skip has built out a number of plug-and-play lanes on the SDK that your protocol can use, including in-protocol MEV recapture and Oracles! Additionally, the Block SDK can be extended to add your own custom lanes to configure your blocks to exactly fit your application needs.

Note: you can find more info about Block SDK, how it works and how to use the module in the official Skip's Block SDK docs:

Which Block SDK Lanes does Neutron support?​

Currently, Neutron supports only two type of Block SDK Lanes:

  • Base Lane is intended to hold all txs that are not matched by any lanes ordered before this lane;
  • MEV Lane - is the MEV lane, this lane is intended to hold all bid txs.

Block SDK Auction parameters on Neutron​

Note: All auction parameters are accessible though the /block-sdk/x/auction/v1/params HTTP REST endpoint.

In order to participate in an auction, searchers must pay a fee. This fee is paid in the native token of the chain. The fee is determined by the auction parameters, which are set by the chain. The auction parameters are:

  • MaxBundleSize: 4 - specifies the maximum number of transactions that can be included in a bundle (bundle = an ordered list of transactions). Bundles must be ≤ this number.
  • ReserveFee: 0.5 NTRN - specifies the bid floor to participate in the auction. Bids that are lower than the reserve fee are ignored.
  • MinBidIncrement: 0.1 NTRN - specifies how much greater each subsequent bid must be (as seen by an individual node) in order to be considered. If the bid is lower than the highest current bid + min bid increment, the bid is ignored.
  • ProposerFee: 25% - defines the portion of the winning bid that goes to the account module cons_redistribute which sends coins to a provider chain where all the rewards will be distributed between validators.
  • EscrowAccountAddress: neutron1suhgf5svhu4usrurvxzlgn54ksxmn8gljarjtxqnapv8kjnp4nrstdxvff (Neutron Main DAO) - is the address of the account that will receive a portion of the bid proceeds.
  • FrontRunningProtection: false - determines whether front-running and sandwich protection is enabled.

Note: FrontRunningProtection

If this is set to true, bundles must follow these guidelines:

  • A searcher must put your signed transactions after transactions searcher didn’t sign;
  • A searcher can only have at most two unique signers in the bundle.