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Version: 2.0



This section provides detailed specifications for the messages within the Admin module of the Neutron network. Messages serve as the primary vehicle for users, administrators, and the DAO to communicate and propose changes within the Neutron ecosystem. Based on the cosmos-sdk architecture, the Admin module offers a range of standardized message structures for seamless governance and operations.


Deletes an existing admin from the Neutron network, ensuring that the particular admin no longer has governance rights or permissions.


  • creator: string - The originator or sender of this message. It's usually the address of the entity proposing the removal of the admin.
  • admin: string - The target admin's address to be revoked from its administrative rights.

Response: MsgDeleteAdminResponse


The standard response message after processing MsgDeleteAdmin. If successful, it confirms the deletion of the specified admin.

(No fields)


Facilitates the addition of a new admin. This admin, once added, will be endowed with governance and operational rights as per the Neutron network's configuration.


  • creator: string - The initiator or sender of this message. Typically, the address of the entity proposing the addition of a new admin.
  • admin: string - The address of the new admin to be onboarded.

Response: MsgAddAdminResponse


The definitive response message after processing MsgAddAdmin. A successful response ensures the addition of the specified admin into the Neutron network's governance mechanism.

(No fields)


Leveraging the legacy mechanisms, this message type is tailored for submitting proposals structured before the sdk-47 update. This ensures backward compatibility and a wider range of proposal support.


  • content: google.protobuf.Any - The intrinsic content of the proposal. Typically aligns with the Content interface specifications.
  • proposer: string - The address of the entity submitting the proposal.

Response: MsgSubmitProposalLegacyResponse


The response message confirming the processing of MsgSubmitProposalLegacy.


  • proposal_id: uint64 - The unique identifier assigned to the submitted proposal. This ID serves as a reference for future operations or queries related to this proposal.


In line with the updates in sdk-47, this message type provides a structure for submitting proposals using the revamped message structures. It encapsulates a diverse array of actions and changes.


  • messages: Array<google.protobuf.Any> - A collection of arbitrary messages detailing the changes or actions proposed. These messages are executed contingent upon the proposal's approval.
  • proposer: string - The originator's address proposing the changes.

Response: MsgSubmitProposalResponse


The standardized response message post-processing MsgSubmitProposal.


  • proposal_id: uint64 - A unique identifier for the newly submitted proposal. It serves as a pivotal reference for all related actions, queries, or updates.