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This document specifies the FeeBurner module for the Neutron network.

The FeeBurner module is called in the end of processing of every block and manages consumer part of fees: all Neutron fees are burned and fees in any other denom are sent to Reserve.


  • NeutronDenom — denom of Neutron token, fees in Neutrons are burned;
  • ReserveAddress — address of Neutron Reserve smart contract, fees in all non-Neutron tokens will be transfered here.


Interchain Security splits deducted fees into two parts. 25% of fees go to the provider fee pool, the remaining 75% are transfered to "cons_redistribute" account. Interchain Security doesn't care what happens with these funds afterwards.

During block finalization, FeeBurner module wakes up in EndBlocker. It burns all funds from "cons_redistribute" in Neutron denom, specified in Params. Everything else will be transfered to TreasuryAddress and further managed by Neutron Treasury.