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Version: 3.0


The LP Bootstrap via Auction contract facilitates NTRN-NATIVE Neutron pool initialization during the protocol launch.

Phase 1 :: Bootstrapping NTRN and NATIVE Side of the LP Pool

  • Airdrop recipients and lockdrop participants can delegate part / all of their NTRN rewards to the auction contract.
  • Any user can deposit UST directly to the auction contract to participate in the LP bootstrap auction.
  • Both UST deposited & NTRN delegated (if any) balances are used to calculate user's LP token shares and additional NTRN incentives that he will receive for participating in the auction.

Phase 2 :: Post NTRN-NATIVE Pool initialization

  • NTRN reward withdrawals from lockdrop & airdrop contracts are enabled during the NTRN-USDC/NTRN-ATOM Pool initializaiton.
  • NTRN-USDC/NTRN-ATOM LP tokens are staked with the generator contract, with LP Staking rewards allocated equally among the users based on their % LP share
  • NTRN incentives are directly claimable
  • Users NTRN-USDC/NTRN-ATOM LP shares are vested linearly on a 90 day period