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Version: 3.0


pub enum QueryMsg {
/// The contract's configurations
Config {},
/// List of pending funds to addresses (to be distributed)
Pending {},
/// List of current shareholder weights
Shares {},
/// Returns pause state info - whether contract is paused and if it is, until when
PauseInfo {},


Returns current config of contract. Config has a following schema:

pub struct Config {
/// Denom used for rewards distribution. All funds in any other denoms will be ignored.
pub denom: String,
/// The address of the Neutron DAO. It's capable of pausing and unpausing the contract
pub main_dao_address: Addr,
/// The address of the DAO guardian. The security DAO is capable only of pausing the contract.
pub security_dao_address: Addr,


Returns an array of (address, amount) pairs of pending rewards to be distributed among all shareholders.


Returns an array of (address, weight) pairs of shareholders' weights.


Returns enum describing whether contract is paused, and if it is, also returns the height until which it is paused:

pub enum PauseInfoResponse {
Paused { until_height: u64 },
Unpaused {},