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Version: 3.0

Integration tests for smart contracts

There is an improved version of integration tests framework which is used for testing new smart contracts. It is based on top of Cosmopark and Contracts2ts.


Cosmopark – is a tool that allows to run multiple networks on the same machine. Under the hood it uses docker containers and require docker images for a network you want to run. It can spin up Hermes Relayer and Neutron Query Relayer for a deployment if required.


Contracts2ts – is a tool that allows to generate typescript clients for set of contracts. It uses json generated schemas from contracts with write_api method.

How to use

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Place your own contracts source code in the contracts folder. The pump contract is just an example which can be removed
  3. Run make schema to generate json schemas for your contracts
  4. make build - Build your contracts
  5. cd integration-tests
  6. yarn
  7. yarn build-images - Build docker images for the networks used
  8. yarn build-ts-client - Build TS client for your contracts
  9. Implement you own tests in the src/testcases folder. The pump test files are examples which can be removed
  10. yarn test

What's inside the tests (integration_tests folder)

src/testSuite.ts contains configuration of the networks used with defined network params and docker image names.

src/testcases folder contains the tests for the contracts. Each test is a separate file with a set of tests for a contract. Please check the existing tests to understand how to write your own. In the beforeAll method you can see the configuration of the networks and the deployment of the contracts.

src/vite.config.ts contains of the configuration for the tests.

Environment variables

MAX_THREADS - maximum threads to run tests in parallel